1) What synthetic chemicals are present in your products?

Zero! We avoid using a wide variety of synthetic ingredients including fragrances, petroleum distillates, synthetic by-products, and toxins.

2) What do you use to preserve your products?

We are committed to our toxin-free promise, so we use natural ingredients as our preservatives. Rowan berry extract and lactobacillus ferment increase the bioavailability of the other ingredients and benefit the skin and overall health of body.

3) What potential allergens are in the products?

For maximum effectiveness, each of our products has a unique list of naturally-derived ingredients. We encourage you to check every product individually to be sure that it meets your needs and expectations. Still, if you discover that you are allergic to an ingredient after you purchase our products, please contact us at giveaderm@gmail.com

4) Can I return the product if I find out it doesn’t work out for me?

Yes! We have a 30 day money back guarantee from the day the package arrives. Simply email us at giveaderm@gmail.com. Please include your order number in the email so we can find you in our system. We will happily help you from there!

5) Do you use organic ingredients?

Absolutely, a vast majority of our ingredients are organic! Depending upon the season and international availability, we occasionally use conventional ingredients when we have no other option. Rest assured though, if our ingredients are stated as organic on the product, they are always organic. In addition, our raw materials are always non-gmo and many are wild-crafted.

6) Are your products vegan?

Most of our products are completely vegan, but a few use organic raw honey from a bee-loving farm. It’s important to us that our pollinator friends are not harmed in the process and that there’s a substantial amount of honey left for the bees themselves, which is why we chose this specific farm. The bees are like family to this beekeeper and we ask for nothing less!

7) Are your products tested on animals?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  We are passionate animal-lovers! In fact, anyone who has seen our fur babies have said they wish they could be adopted by us! Instead, we test our products on a diverse group of people with a wide variety of skincare needs.

8) Do you ship to all 50 states?

Yes! We currently ship to all 50 states in the US.

9) Do you ship internationally?

At this time we do not ship to countries outside of the US. However, we are making plans to expand internationally in the near future.

10) Where are your products made?

Here at Give-A-Derm, we only use the most powerful ingredients this world has to offer. That’s why we source raw materials from all around the world, but we manufacture our products here in the US.

11) Do you have an affiliate program or partnership opportunities?

Absolutely! We review each potential affiliate on an individual basis to see if we are a good match. Once our affiliates begin selling our products we pay them a percentage of their sales. If you’re interested in partnering with us, email us at giveaderm@gmail.com to receive an affiliate application.

12) Are your products only sold online? Are there store locations I can buy them in person?

At this time most of our sales are done online through our website. We also travel across the country to a wide variety of conferences and events, where we offer demonstrations and samples. In addition, we are currently expanding our network in the near future to include physical locations such as doctors offices and salons. If you own a business and are interested in this opportunity please contact us at giveaderm@gmail.com.

13) What should I do if my product was damaged during shipping?

We’re so sorry to hear that! Our team carefully packs each product before shipment, but we understand that accidents can happen on their way to you. Please email us at giveaderm@gmail.com immediately and we’re happy to exchange it at no cost to you.

14) What should I do if you sent me the wrong product(s) than what I ordered?

We humbly apologize! We do our best at checking each order before it goes out, but in the rare event that your shipment is not identical to what you ordered, please email at giveaderm@gmail.com immediately. We’ll exchange it at no cost to you.

15) Will my skin detox or go through a purging phase when I start your products?

This depends on how clean your previous products were; for some people there is little to no detoxing phase when they switch to ours. But for others who used more toxic products, there may be a temporary purging phase when your body detoxes from the previous product buildup. Rest assured, if this happens to you it’s a sign that your body is responding positively to our clean products by removing the toxins that existed beforehand. In the end, your body will thank you for the switch!

16) Will your products help with acne?

All of our products are toxin-free, so naturally you’re see a reduction in acne flare ups. However if you want tointentionally address your acne, we recommend using the full Facial Edition System along with the Tighten Your Assets mask. In addition, our Nourish face lotion is great for repairing acne scarring (step 5 of the Facial Edition System).

17) Will your products help with psoriasis?

All of our products are toxin-free so you should see some improvement in psoriasis. However if you want to target it specifically, we recommend using our Bar Soap, the Lotion, and the Nourish face lotion. Our customers tell us they have a moisturizing effect without the usual stinging sensation other many brands can cause.

18) Do you offer tracking on your shipments? How long does shipping take?

Our goal is to send out your order in 24-48 hours (depending upon our order volume). The actual shipping time will depend upon proximity to your location and the shipping speed you choose.

19) How are your products stored?

We had a facility built specifically for climate-controlled and temperature-controlled protection. Due to our products containing organic ingredients and naturally-derived preservatives, we are extremely attentive to their storage needs.

20) How long do your products last?

All of our ingredients are natural and earth-derived, free from harsh chemicals and toxic preservatives. We wish they could last forever but we are committed to only using the safest ingredients this world has to offer. That said, they last 18-24 months when stored in a cool, dry area.

21) Why is your price point this range?

We take pride in sourcing only the best raw materials from around the globe. For example, the most moisturizing clay comes from France, the most powerful Kigelia comes from the tropical regions of Africa, and the cleanest honey comes from small, organic American farms. Not only do we refuse to compromise on the power of our ingredients, we also refuse to compromise on toxicity. Production methods that avoid synthetic chemicals or dangerous preservatives are at the foundation of all we do. It also costs more to use earth-friendly, sustainable packaging but we place a high value on protecting God’s creation. That said, the price point that we’ve arrived at is the absolute fairest we can offer our customers in order to keep our business up and running. If you research our competitors who offer the same powerful organic ingredients without synthetic chemicals or toxins, our price point is actually on the lower side.

22) Do you use earth-friendly and sustainable practices?

Absolutely! We cherish the earth God created and we feel honored to steward it in all we do. That’s why we are proud to support organic farming and harvesting practices around the world. We also prioritize local farmers and artisans over massive industrialized companies when given the opportunity. And as you know, we are completely toxin-free and do not add any synthetic chemicals to our products. That speaks volumes in and of itself. As for packaging, all of our boxes are recyclable and we use glass bottles instead of plastic (except for our scrub products in plastic containers, which would pose a danger to you if they were accidentally dropped in the shower).

23) What is your privacy policy concerning the use of my information?

We will never ever sell your information to anyone else! There are no third party buyers that get your private details from us. However we use basic customer demographic information to help us create more effective marketing campaigns in the future. As far as Shopify, here is how they use your information- https://www.shopify.com/legal/privacy/app-users

24) What payment methods do you take?

Shopify is currently our main method of receiving payments, and as a result we take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Diners club, Amazon Pay and Meta Pay.

25) How do I know which products work best for my needs?

We recommend reading the ingredient list for each product as a starting place for you. But we’re also happy to answer any of your questions as well-feel free to contact us at giveaderm@gmail.com

26) What are all the ways I can contact the company?

If you would like to reach us for any reason, feel free to email us at giveaderm@gmail.com or you can text or call our corporate line at (615) 200-8186.