Why We Give-A-Derm


Brilliant formulas and beautiful products.

Structured, but fun.

Intentionally quirky. 

Who would you be if you absolutely loved who you are and where you are in life in a way that lets you live life to the fullest and bring to this world what only you can bring? What would it look like to embrace courage, standing confidently in who you are, loving yourself and loving life right where you are? 

As a society we have been taught a very specific narrative of what qualifies as beauty -- but that narrative never tells a full story and often disguises the unique and beautiful qualities each of us bring to the world around us. At Give-A-Derm, we reject that narrative and advocate for you to be who you are while caring for your whole body, mind, and spirit, owning who you are without shame. 

Mother and daughter duo and founders of Give-A-Derm, Deborah Grimnes and Juliana Grimnes, driven by their own health journeys, have created - with the help of an experienced formulator - a toxin free skin care line that supports you at every age. 

Though Deborah believed in the value of clean, organic products, she didn’t realize the effects traditional skin care products were having on her body. After a dermatologist mis-prescribed a spot treatment chemo cream as broad-spectrum, she began experiencing debilitating wide-ranging symptoms of chemical toxicity and discovered her immune system and liver were overloaded and unable to process any additional chemicals.

Soon afterward Juliana became a licensed massage therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage and certified advanced practitioner in neurostructural integration technique. During this process she came to understand the critical need to reevaluate what her mother was coming into contact with on a daily basis. That was nearly a decade ago. Since then, mother and daughter have been searching and testing products, looking for the right combinations to provide healthy, clean, toxin-free skin care while performing at an elite level. 

Give-A-Derm is the result.